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Just a thimble full

Turning back time with a sewing machine

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Hello and welcome... this is a gathering place for anyone interested in medieval & rennasiance clothing, real or fantasically inspired:)
13th century, 14th century, 15th century, 16th century, 17th century, albs, amigauts, amusses, aucassin and nicollette, baldrics, barbettes, beluques, bliauts, braccaes, braes, brancs, brodequins, brother cadfael, cabans, cainsils, camlets, camocas, carmina burana, castles, cauls, chainses, charlemagne, chausses, chauvigny, chilvalry, chretien de troyes, coats of arms, coifs, colobiums, copes, cornets, corsets, costuming, cote hardies, cotes, cothurnes, cotton, courtesy, courtly love, dante, doublets, fabric, fabrics, galaeran, gates of hell, geoffrey chaucer, gippons, herealdry, hildegard von bingen, history, house of lancaster, illuminated texts, king arthur, kirtles, knights, le morte d'arthur, leonardo da vinci, linen, margery kempe, marie de france, medieval dresses, medieval gowns, minstrels, mists of avalon, monks, mummings, renassiance, renassiance dresses, robe deguisees, robe gironnees, robin hood, roland, sewing, sideless gowns, sir thomas malory, stockings, story of the rose, the book of kells, the divine comedy, the song of roland, thomas aquinas, tristan and iseult, tristan and isolte, troubadours, william langland. surcotes, wool